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About Us:  I BELLO ANDREW As Part of effort to circulate Trending News,  and executive director of Freshnaija.com.ng is one of the main portal where you can enrich yourself of latest Nigerian news.

Just like the Wikipedia, the sun news and as well the Vanguard news Which circulates over 20,000 copies daily in Lagos, the nation’s business heartbeat. Others include Abuja-12,000 copies, South-West 15,000, South-South 25,000, South-East 15,000, North Central 18,000, North-East 7,500 and North-west 7,500. These total 120,000 copies with a Print Run of 130,000 copies daily. Categorically, it is a newspaper with a penetrating reach to all crannies of Nigeria which is today complemented by the most sophisticated, global readership through the internet address http:/www.vanguardngr.com. Vanguard is a reference point in sports journalism. We dare say that we serve the menu hot and fresh in this area and a high level of professionalism is used, thus, this is too obvious to warrant any serious argument.

Freshnaija.com.ng Covers major popular events and happening in Nigeria, Africa and the World at Large. its is a hub for the latest  fresh naija entertainment News, Naija News, Technological News and celebrity news as well.